ISSN 2081-26-63
e-ISSN 2449-738X
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PHA, Special Issues, 2020 – table of contents


Maciej Kokoszko, Krzysztof Jagusiak (download file)
Galen on Wine, or on Some Traces of a Preferance

Stanisław Turlej (download file)
Sirmium in Justinian I’s Politics

Anna Sęderecka (download file)
The Catholic Church and the January Uprising, Illustrated with the Example of the Piotrków Region

Aneta Bołdyrew, Małgorzata Krakowiak (download file)
Areas of Education and Care for Children and Youth of the Catholic Church in the Kingdom of Poland and the Borderlands of the Russian Partition in the Early 20th Century

Janusz R. Budziński (download file)
The USA’s Attitude Towards the Russo-Japanese Conflict in view of Reports from Arthur Cassini, Russian Ambassador to Washington

Witold Jarno (download file)
5th Infantry Division in the Years 1945-1949



Kazimierz Ginter, Wizerunek władców bizantyńskich w „Historii kościelnej” Ewagriusza Scholastyka [The Image of Byzantine Emperoros in Evagrius Scholasticus’s Ecclesiastical History], Łódź 2018 (Błażej Cecota) (download file)

Szymon Wierzbiński, U boku bazyleusa. Frankowie i Waregowie w cesarstwie bizantyńskim w XI w. [By the Side of the Basileus. The Franks and the Varangians in the Byzantine Empire in the 11th century], Łódź 2019 (Błażej Cecota) (download file)


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